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BYO iPad is coming to Palmwoods SS


iLearn@Palmwoods 2018


We are very proud to announce that 2018 will be the first year of the Palmwoods BYO iPad Program. We strive for improved outcomes in learning engagement, learning productivity, home school partnership, academic results and believe this program will enhance our ability to Learn and Grow Together. The iPads are a very useful tool to support student learning and will be the only BYO device allowed at Palmwoods State School.
You are invited to participate in the Palmwoods State School BYO iPad Program. This is voluntary. Those students who choose not to participate will have shared access to iPads and other ICT resources at school but will not be able to take them home.
The Palmwoods State School BYO iPad Program:
  • Strengthens links between home and school, giving parents the opportunity to see, every day, what their child is learning at school and have relevant, timely, accurate and quality conversations around student learning and progress;
  • Enables personalisation of student learning through access to rich learning resources;
  • Best facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century workforce, including digital-age literacy, innovative and creative thinking, collaboration, effective communication and high productivity;
  • Allows continuous access to educational materials allowing learning efficiency to happen anywhere, anytime;
  • Provides an engaging, interactive environment for learning;
  • Allows students the opportunity to display prior knowledge of topics and thus be co-constructors of their own learning journey.
Advantages of using the iPad that will enable students to:
ü  Access knowledge and information through the vast range of content and creation apps (many of which are free) to support student learning;
ü  Access a wealth of information on the Internet when they need it (using the speak ability via settings to read text for those students in the lower year levels or students with lower literacy levels than their peers) through wireless connectivity;
ü  Access rich media including digital stories, image and video;
ü  Increase productivity through quick loading of apps and quick response of the iPad and an operating system that is very reliable, ensuring maximum up-time;
ü  Utilise simple yet sophisticated text, audio and video-based communication facilities for collaboration with peers, teachers and experts in a local, national or global context;
ü  Personalise learning and provide work targeted at their correct level;
ü  Be highly engaged in their learning, both independently and collaboratively.
ü  Easily transport it to and from school and within the classroom


BYO iPad Program Supported Device Requirements


Apple iPad supported product

If you are purchasing an iPad, a brand new 2017 model Apple iPad 32GB Wi-fi from your chosen retailer is recommended.  It is your choice to purchase any extra warranties, however it is highly recommended.
If you already have a device to send to school, the minimum standard is an iPad 5 (late 2013) or newer.  Below are the model numbers of the older iPads that would be suitable to use:
iPad Model Numbers Accepted:  A1475, A1474, A1567, A1566
iPad Mini Model Numbers Accepted: A1490, A1489, A1600, A1599
The device needs to have a fully enclosed, shock proof, heavy duty protective cover and it is recommended to also have a glass screen protector.
Although we recommend a minimum of 32GB of storage, lower storage devices are acceptable.  Keep in mind that any personal applications and content placed on the device may interfere with the storage requirements for school use and school required apps must take priority.
Apple devices meet the specifications for Education Queensland and will work quickly and easily on our network at school and for you at home (Internet access is via wireless).  Network and platform maintenance costs to support the successful operation of the iPad devices at school will be covered by the school. However, hardware issues are the responsibility of parents. Visit the Apple website at for information about Apple warranty.

Charging the Device and Battery Maintenance

iPads brought to school will need to be fully charged. The power supply will not be required to be brought to school. The school will have a number of iPad power supplies to charge the iPad in the event of a battery being depleted. Leaving power supplies at home reduces the weight of the equipment student’s transport to and from school and reduces likelihood of damage and/or loss.
The battery life of portable devices is improving as technological enhancements are made. To get the most out of the battery life of the iPads, follow these simple tips:
  • Reduce the screen brightness to a comfortable level
  • Lock the iPad screen when not in use
  • Close all running apps when not in use
  • At least once a week, drain the battery to 0% and fully recharge to 100%. This will aid the life of the battery.

Other Privately Owned Devices

Apple iPads are the only mobile device allowed to be brought to school as part of the BYO iPad program at Palmwoods SS. Palmwoods State School will not sanction any other privately owned devices connecting to the school network, other than the devices nominated in the BYO iPad program supported devices section. This exclusion includes all other private iPads, and mobile broadband devices. The policy has been enacted to prevent exposure of the school network to security risks.

Mobile Network (3G & 4G) Connectivity…

Due to school-based policy, 3G and 4G compatible devices are not allowed into school. This includes mobile phones, mobile broadband devices and any other device with the capability of connecting to an external cellular network. (3G/4G compatible iPads are acceptable providing the SIM card has been removed) This policy has been made to ensure that our school network is not compromised and that students are not able to access an unfiltered internet connection whilst at school. Unfortunately there is no way to block a cellular connection from iPads with this capability.


Security, Insurance and Finance…

While the BYO iPads will be securely stored during break times, parents are encouraged to seek personal insurance (or Apple Care via Apple). Check with your preferred insurance company (or even the iPad reseller) about your personal insurance at home and, to and from school, for your iPad.  The school cannot enter into any finance arrangements with families for the iPads.


Damage in transit…

All iPads will require a protective case when being transported.  This will be an additional cost but is well worth the outlay as it is the best form of insurance for iPads and will often protect the device from impacts and accidents. An additional sleeve to place the iPad in its cover is also recommended.


Damage at school…

All devices are monitored by teachers at school and rules are in place to prevent foreseeable problems and damage. However, from time to time, accidents may occur.  If any damage to a device is through negligence of the school, the school will cover the cost of repair.  If damage is caused by deliberate or careless actions of a student (owner or others), the costs of repair will be passed onto those involved and necessary behaviour consequences may apply.  The decision around the responsibility for repair costs is at the discretion of the Principal.


Required apps

Each privately owned iPad in the BYO program will require necessary apps to be installed at the cost of the parent (most are FREE). The list of required apps can be found on the iLearn@Palmwoods page on our school website.
At Palmwoods State School, criteria is used to select required apps for the iLearn@Palmwoods BYO iPad Program (final approval for app selection is by the Principal or delegate). The 4 levels of required apps at Palmwoods SS are:
Ø  Whole School (all classes at Palmwoods SS use these apps)
Ø  Year Level (all classes in a year level use these apps)
Ø  Class specific (all students in a class use these apps)
Ø  Individual student specific (based on the needs of individual students. These will be negotiated between the teacher and parent)
An apps audit will occur at the end of each year to finalise required apps for the following year. Palmwoods SS will endeavour to monitor apps for changes to ensure they continue to comply with our apps selection process.
Apps may be requested by the individual classroom teacher to support class learning or recommended to individual students to support individual students’ specific learning needs.
Please visit our dedicated BYO page at - - for more detailed information. We look forward to an exciting year ahead with this program.
Kind Regards
Peter Wilson